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2021 National Parenting Product Awards Winner - Mini Cosmo Water-based Peel-off Nail Polish Set

Quoted from National Parenting Product Awards

Mini Cosmo Nail Polish Set is the water-based, non-toxic nail polish set designed for kids. There are 10 bottles of nail polishes, rainbow colors of different finishes for every occasion, and the set comes with a Nail File and a Nail Decal Sheet.
Easy application, easier removal by peeling off, no toxic nail polish remover required!
It’s peel-able but durable enough to survive regular hand washes!

Evaluation comments:

“These metallic colors are perfect!”

“Nontoxic and odorless…what more could you ask for?”

“My kids really loved the colors and the fact that they could peel off the polish with no mess!! They could literally change the colors several times throughout the day.”