• Mini Cosmo Rainbow Nail Polish Set
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Born A Cosmo-Fashionista


Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2019

Quoted from The National Parenting Center: The Mini Cosmo Nail Polish set is an excellent activity for little ones who love all things fancy! These polishes thrilled our child testers because they are wonderfully colorful and just their size. On the parental side of the equation, they love the polishes are non-toxic and they do not have a strong nail polish scent, which was a real relief for testers. The polishes are indeed “mini” as is the included nail file and nail decals; this helped in painting small kid nails and even the parents nails (yes, Moms and Dads had their nails painted all the time!). Once dried, the polish peels off of skin and even nails (if things get a little messy in the “salon”). Parents appreciated that nail polish remover was not necessary because the colors peel off easily. This lets children can change their nail color easily and often. The packaging is minimal and the display nicely shows all the colors included in the set. Parents felt that this could be a great stocking stuffer.

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My kid couldn’t wait to open it as soon as she received it. It is very convenient to apply, just apply it directly, it dries in 2 minutes, and it lasts for a long time. It is still very convenient to remove, basically it can be peeled off, when applying 3 layers, the whole piece can be easily peeled off.

Amy S.

I bought the nail polish set for my child for the first time, and I chose this brand. It is odorless and easy to peel off. Every color looks good.

Jane W.

"It peels off easily after it dries. This makes it fun to try different colors. The stickers are great addition, too."

Emma J.

My daughter really likes the nail polish set, and it comes with nail stickers. Not bad! The color is beautiful and rich, the nail stickers are fun.

Ashley K.

Love it!!! The colors are so beautiful. The small stickers inside are very beautiful too. I tried it myself and I can peel it off as a whole piece. No odor at all.

Emily W.


Sweet & Sassy.

Color changing from Peach to Bright Pink.

The most vibrant color among the collection.


Fresh & Juicy.

Color changing from Citrus Orange to Coral Pink.

Complete your no-makeup look.

Look like a magical Disney Princess!


Tropical & Light.

Color changing from Coconut White to Light Pink.

Long-lasting nourishment for your lips.

Perfect base for other lipsticks.